Blank Recordable Greeting Cards

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Blank recordable greeting cards featuring a recordable voice chip, repeatable recording, This recorded birthday cards perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations. The built in tape recorder allows you to customize your greetings with recorded sound, making your gift unique and meaningful.

Birthday Cards with Blank Recordable Greeting Cards

Suitable for anyone who finding uncommon gifts for their loved ones. Special gift and convey their thoughts voice messages.

Create a warm and surprising wishes at parties, gatherings, or special occasion with this beautifully designed greeting card.
Let your loved ones feel cherished and appreciated as they receive your wishes and thoughtful messages on their special day.

Blank recordable greeting cards gift for your loved one

Package Includes:

Quantity: 1 Pc
1Pc Greeting Card with Recordable Recorder

30 Seconds Voice Chip Audio Recorder – “Click and record after hearing a short sound and then again click and hear the recording “

7 reviews for Blank Recordable Greeting Cards

  1. Betty Liz

    Basically the instructions say to hold the button down for a few seconds then record your message after the beep. It apparently only works around 80 times, but not a huge deal I think. Keep in mind the item is effectively just a PCB in a cardboard box, not a plastic shell or anything.

  2. Alexia Lexie

    I love😍, Works👌🏽Perfect thank you very much

  3. Samantha K

    I still have to try it but I hope it works out well. It’s very nice

  4. Fleur May

    Excellent still not tested but c looks good

  5. Kaitlyn Cait

    Arrived in perfect condition. Work well.

  6. Georgie

    Definitely records and works though not clear and some sound come across hurting the ears otherwise amazing

  7. Fleur

    A little such Dara .. Cute but, working properly, came in time, easy to use, click and record after hearing a short sound and then again click and hear the recording ..


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