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The Original HAPPYPO Butt Shower l Portable Bidet for Travel

18,49 $

inkl. 19% gesetzlicher MwSt.Last updated: April 21, 2023 2:14 pm
Item Dimensions LxWxH1.97 x 2.36 x 11.02 inches‎
Package Weight3.52 ounces

The original HappyPo Po Shower Easy-Bidet 2.0. The Easy-Bidet 2.0 replaces wet wipes and shower toilet, as a mobile travel bidet, as an intimate shower, it saves paper as a sustainable product. Hygienic cleaning with water is 100% gentle and clean and fresh. HappyPo butt shower cleans pleasantly with targeted water jet. HappyPo Easy bidet is the easiest bidet in the world. You just have to fill it with water and squeeze it. The portable bidet is available, as travel bidet without batteries and connections. It replaces wet wipes and shower toilet. The chemical-free alternative to wet toilet paper. The HappyPo reduces the need for toilet paper by at least 50%.

About this item

  • THE HAPPYPO BIDET – Our Travel Bidet from Germany Portable is Free from BPA and Plasticizers. Guaranteed 100% gentle Cleaning with Water – Our Squirt Bottle Bidet works without Batteries and Connections
  • NO MORE WET WIPES AND SHOWER TOILETS – Our Bidet Portable is the chemical-free Alternative to Wet Toilet Paper. Reduce Toilet Paper Waste by at least 50% with the HappyPo Portable Bidet Spray Bottle!
  • WATER CLEANSING RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS – In Case of Sensitive Skin, High Hygiene Demand or Diseases. HappyPo even developed a Portable Bidet Bottle especially for Children with even more sensitive Skin!
  • DOUCHE FOR CHILDBED – Portable Bidet for Women during Pregnancy and as Squirt Bottle for Postpartum, for Birth Injuries and Puerperium. Even during your Period – The Perineal Bottle is ideal for complementing the Menstrual Cup.
  • PERFECT AT HOME AND ON THE GO – The HappyPo Travel Bidet will be Your Game Changer. The HappyPo Bidet Bottle is available in many different Colors and Sizes! Bring your Personal Hygiene with our Portable Bidets to the next Level!

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18,49 $

inkl. 19% gesetzlicher MwSt.Last updated: April 21, 2023 2:14 pm